Uroboros Sextet

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“Infectious” meld of rock, modern classical, and improv

Although the Uroboros Sextet is Carey’s newest project, it has already performed at the prestigious Edgefest festival, alongside Nicole Mitchell, Tomeka Reid, Jason Stein, and Jamie Branch.

All About Jazz said of the performance: “The group offered tightly-structured, complex music with a distinctly punk rock-feel. Carey’s… heady arrangements emphasized a well-honed group sound rather than highlighting individual soloists. This is not to say that the musicianship wasn't first rate, as the sextet offered an infectious, driving energy with heavy riffs and knotty time signatures combining with Carey's distorted chords to create something that was neither jazz, nor rock, but something all its own. Short, well-conceived (and wryly-named) pieces like "Godzilla is Coming, But Very Slowly" or "Just as I Think I Might be Financially Stable" kept lots of heads bobbing during the group's set.”

Downbeat gave Carey a nod as well, heralding the music as “brutalist.”

The Uroboros Sextet is recording in 2019. The musicians are:

Kirsten Carey - guitar / composition

Andrew Bishop - bass clarinet / tenor saxophone

Molly Jones - alto flute / tenor and soprano saxophones

Rafael Statin - bass clarinet / tenor saxophone

Ben Willis - double bass

Jonathan Taylor - drums