Throwaway Promo - loungechair.jpg

“A startlingly self-realized embrace of all the rough or uneven edges of existence” (eCurrent)

Pinning down Throwaway’s genre is a daunting task - art rock? no wave? “geometrycore?” punk? post-punk?

Whatever you want to call it, Throwaway is also a mysterious figure with a paper bag for a head. She is surreally represented through live visuals in performances.

Throwaway’s music acrobatically leaps around virtuosic riffs and unexpected rhythms. Theirs electric energy is “expressive and original” (The Public), with “aerodynamic rock-grit flavors of the likes of Primus or Deerhoof” (eCurrent).

Throwaway released a self-titled EP in 2015 (CD only), followed by two 7”s: “Milk Song / Family Cry” (mixed by Jonathan Snipes of clipping.) and "Bonathan Jyers / Exotic Bird," which was featured on Detroit's CW50. Their witty, bizarre music videos are gaining a reputation all their own, with features in Impose Magazine, Make Weird Music, eCurrent, and Imperfect Fifth. Their debut album will be released spring 2019.

For more on Throwaway, check out the project’s very own website.