New website!

Why hello! If you’re reading this, that means you’re looking at my brand-new website! Huzzah!

As such, all previous blog posts have been deleted except for the last one - we’re starting afresh here. Also, truthfully, it was highly inconvenient to copy and paste all that biz.

Also, the show archive has been trimmed, and now stretches back only about a year.

Welcome to a new era of joy and cleaner interfaces!

Frequency Friday series, Uroboros cookings, and a new band

A roundup of news!

First of all, Throwaway has been doing many things that I'm not posting about here. Go to the Throwaway website for all that biz.

Second, I'll be heading to Columbus next Friday, February 1, as one of the featured performers at The Fuse Factory's incredible Frequency Fridays series. Also performing is my good friend, the extraordinary koto player Kozue Matsumoto! If you're anywhere near Columbus, come on out! Plus, you can be treated (??) to a giant picture of me on the Facebook event.

Next, Uroboros is up to things. I just wanted to let you know that. Moving on.

Lastly, I'd like to announce my involvement in and co-leadership of an incredibly exciting new project: The Seven Sages, a band that exclusively plays the music of the Legend of Zelda. Our first show will be a huge bash on February 21st (the anniversary of the first Zelda game) at Ziggy's in Ypsilanti, MI.

So many more shows are occurring - including a set at Ziggy's on February 15th opening for the incredible Chicago bass clarinetist, Jason Stein. More info on the shows page!